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Malden's Marathon Runners

Posted on Monday, April 2, 2018 at 9:41 AM by Malden Homepage

The Boston Marathon is on April 16 and will feature 23 men and women from Malden. The list of who is registered to run is below. Cheer them on if you see them running.    

    David Strumski, 33
    Jose Viveiros, 57
    Fei Li, 37
    Joseph Leblanc, 44
    Brian Furrer, 26
    Charles Adams, 32
    Aaron Parayno, 28
    Erin Lewis, 30
    Michael Fleming, 30
    Wyatt Kelley, 36
    Benjamin Hartzell, 30

    Katlyn O'Leary, 32
    Nicole Hennessey, 29
    Laura Getchell, 26
    Jennifer Johnson, 24
    Andrea Mcinnis, 49
    Tara Murphy Beardsley, 43
    Meghan Osterlind, 40
    Mackenzie Shubert, 27
    Jacqueline Ecker, 51
    Tina Chirgwin, 42
    Kelsey Miscoe, 30
    Melissa Agrimanakis, 34

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