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Officers Rescue Residents

Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 7:22 AM by Malden Homepage

MALDEN — A pair of quick thinking Malden police officers sprang into action when they noticed a home going up in flames.
     Officers Noelle Pierce and Katelyn Murphy were working together when they saw heavy smoke pouring out of a house on Ashland Street. Pierce said when they arrived, the house’s entire porch was already being consumed by flames. “We pulled up, we jumped out, went up to a driveway and noticed that the whole back porch was engulfed in flames,” she recalled. Murphy said when she spotted a small child on the porch, she took her and her parents across the street to safety while Pierce ran upstairs.
“I just grabbed her and brought her across the street,” Murphy said.
     On the second floor, Pierce found 86-year-old Margaret Hammersley. “There was a fire and the next thing I know, the police officer was taking me out,” Hammersley said. “She escorted me down the stairs.”
     As Pierce was bringing Hammersley to safety, she said a propane tank on the porch exploded and the stairs caught fire. Pierce also grabbed Hammersley’s pocketbook, which she was insistent on saving. Pierce and Murphy said they were just doing their job. Hammersley said she is grateful for Pierce rescuing her.“Fantastic. I appreciate everything she did for me.”

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