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City Voting Age

Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 5:54 AM by Malden Homepage

In the latest City Council meeting, the council took up a paper calling for the voting age in city elections to be lowered to 16. While the item was only referred to committee, it garnered much debate prior to that action. The matter was put forth by Councilor Stephen Winslow, who said that it was the result of a presentation made by a student group. The goal is to increase civic involvement in that age group as well as increase voter turnout in elections by increasing the number of eligible voters.  One councilor, Councilor Ryan O’Malley, agreed with Winslow, others came out in opposition. Motions to refer to committee are typically made unanimously, but, in this case, voting against the referral were Councilors Paul Condon, John Matheson and Barbara Murphy.“The worst politicians in our society prey on the uneducated and impressionable, and this is an attempt to get more of those people into the voter pool,” said Matheson.The matter will be debated further in the Rules and Ordinance Committee.

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