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MOA receives grant

Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2018 at 6:33 AM by Malden Homepage

Malden Overcoming Addiction has been awarded a $10,000 grant to benefit their Recovery Scholarship Program from the Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation.  The program, which helps Malden residents recover from substance use disorder, offers low to no-income individuals emerging from detox with the financial means to get into a month-long recovery program that provides them a safe environment to continue their sobriety.
    MOA’s Recovery Scholarship Program has become a crucial tool in their continued fight to provide support to those battling substance use disorder(s). Despite the cost of getting into a recovery program (approximately $800), individuals suffering from addiction usually do not have the money to pursue their recovery in a safe, drug-free environment. Often, individuals who are homeless, or precariously housed, enter detox treatment to get sober only to end up back on the street days later, with almost no support to prevent them from relapse. This cycle continues repeatedly: street-to-detox, back-to the-street, detox, back-to-the-street, etc., often only interrupted by the danger of overdose, which often leads to death.
    Over the past two years, MOA has been partnering with four sober living houses in Massachusetts that provide beds for Malden residents who have asked for help. It is MOA’s goal that no person living in Malden who wishes to live soberly be prevented from doing so by the cost of recovery. It is MOA’s goal that anyone seeking help from MOA is never turned away.

For individuals looking for MOA’s assistance to begin the recovery process the following steps must be followed:

1. Complete MOA’s application available on;

2. Enter a detox facility and begin the path to recovery;

3. Partner with a MOA representative (Placement Coordinator Richee Evans or President, Paul Hammersley) to identify the best recovery house for them;

4. Stay in regular contact with their MOA representative through the course of their treatment; and

5. Upon discharge, continue recovery with support provided by a MOA volunteer recovery coach.

Since the launch of MOA’s Recovery Scholarship Program in 2017, MOA has provided 17 individuals with the opportunity to jumpstart their recovery, though the need for this funding is dramatically, and rapidly, increasing. Over half of those individuals have requested funding since July of this year alone and that number is expected to grow. With the generosity of the Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation, MOA is able to guarantee that an additional 13 individuals will have the opportunity to pursue their recovery in a safe, sober-living environment and have dramatically increased odds of maintaining their sobriety in the long-term. Under the best of circumstances, the odds of recovery are long, however MOA is determined that no person within our reach should be without the help they’ve asked for.

MOA said they are grateful to the Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation for having a direct and positive impact on the opioid crisis in the community.

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