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ARTLine Call to Artists

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2019 at 9:08 AM by Malden Homepage

Malden Arts is currently seeking mural and sculpture artists for Phase 1 of our ARTLine project on the Northern Strand Community Trail. Applications must be submitted online at

Application materials must be received by March 1, 2019.
All murals must be completed by August 15, 2019.
All sculptures must be completed by June 1, 2019.
The project is open to all artists/groups of artists that abide by the project guidelines.
Artists may apply as an individual or as a group; however, each participating artist must separately execute the below application. Group submissions shall only be considered complete if each member’s signed application is included. Applicants must have 2+ years of experience in their art form.
Artist applications will be reviewed on (including but not limited to) the following criteria:
Artistic excellence, quality of skills and techniques and the ability to communicate a unique vision
Overall professionalism and presentation of ideas
Appropriateness of artwork to the community, taking into consideration Malden’s history and diversity
Experience and potential to successfully complete the project within the required time
Submissions will be reviewed by the Malden Arts Artist Review Committee which consists of Malden Arts board members, Malden residents and business owners, and public art enthusiasts. The group will review each artist's (or group’s) application and work samples. Once the artist(s) are selected, they will be notified via phone or email. Selections will be made no later than April 15, 2019.
Special consideration will be given to designs that feature Malden-born artists: Norman Greenbaum’s song Spirit in the Sky, Earle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason stories, William Moulton Marston’s Wonder Woman. It is our hope that the ARTLine will educate Malden residents about their strong artistic history while bringing a new take by contemporary artists to these classics.
In addition Malden Arts is seeking at least one mural with an Asian theme design, to address Malden’s diversity and the significant population of Asian residents in the City.
Budget: Once an artist is selected for this project, the artist will be paid $250 to complete a detailed drawing/design. Each artist will then be paid for the successful and timely completion of their artwork. A stipend will be provided, the exact amount will be determined at a later date.
● Malden Arts will supply mural artists and/or artist groups with materials such as liquid paint,spray paint, paint brushes, aerial lifts, and ladders to complete their murals.
● Malden Arts shall secure any building permits, licenses or approval necessary for the lawful
creation and execution of the work, including payment of all fees.
● Malden Arts will provide artists with lodging during the creation/installation of the artwork and will provide financial compensation for selected artists work/design.
● Malden Arts will provide insurance covering artists and volunteers during installation.
● To operate aerial scissor and boom lifts, Malden Arts requires all muralists to be certified and licensed to operate a scissor and boom lift. If artists are not certified, Malden Arts will provide, and pay for, a mandatory OSHA training prior to the artist beginning his/her ARTLine work.

● Selected artists will be required to sign and comply with the Final Artist Agreement.
● Artists will have to submit a W9. If you are from outside of the United States, you may have
to submit the equivalent of a W9 or obtain the appropriate work visa.
● The artist(s) must be able to keep the content of their work “family friendly,” no nudity,
pornography, profanity, or any offensive material. The artist will be asked to refrain from
painting anything that defames or invades the rights of any person, living or dead; or
anything that could be construed as harmful to a third party.
● Selected artists will be asked to submit details, models, or plans of their eventual piece.
For more information, email


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