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Malden Overcoming Addiction

Posted on Sunday, July 28, 2019 at 9:00 AM by Malden Homepage

You may have seen a recent Fox News story on Malden Overcoming Addiction’s (MOA) efforts to open a recovery center in Malden. I would like to give this initiative some more in-depth attention. Fox reporters painted the proposed Bridge Recovery Center as an extension of the “Methadone Mile.” As some news about the proposal gained attention throughout the city, there has been a misconception that the center would be a methadone clinic. To be clear, there will be no proposal that includes methadone or any other medically assisted forms of treatment.
  While the term “recovery services” may means different things, my vision for MOA’s proposed Bridge Recovery Center has been since the beginning to create a day facility that will offer support, education and training to those already in recovery, including resume writing, healthy eating, support groups and other similar services that remove barriers, and help people navigate the recovery process.  In short, it will be people in recovery helping to support each other as they navigate a life of sobriety.
  As President of MOA and a certified recovery coach as well as a man in long-term recovery and a lifelong Malden resident, I feel strongly that this is the best way to help those in recovery stay in recovery. My goal is to help those in our community on their journey to sobriety by connecting them with services, removing the stigma of addiction, and fighting to eliminate overdose fatalities. The Bridge Recovery Center would assist in achieving those goals. Again, it would not be a methadone clinic or provide any medically assisted treatment.
  Additionally, I want to clarify that plans for our proposed center are in the early stages of development, although the news story posted this week may have alluded that this was not the case. Any plans to move forward with the process will be brought to the community for feedback and input. I believe that it is important to stand together on this issue and raise awareness about substance use, recovery and the unfortunate stigma associated with it. The opioid epidemic has touched many of our lives in this community and we have seen too many lives lost to this disease. I will continue to fight to save the lives of our friends and neighbors and I can only hope that as a community, we are all able to come together to work toward that goal.
Paul Hammersley

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