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Karen and the River

Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at 5:52 AM by Malden Homepage

This film is about Malden resident Karen Buck, is now available as part of Turnaround Film’s shareable film series about climate change: You may watch it on the new TURNAROUND FILMS website: All films are available free of charge to be used by municipalities, educators, and advocacy organizations to help the public understand climate change.
Viewers are invited to watch three short films, the first episodes in an ongoing series, on the TURNAROUND FILMS website. “The Impervious Problem” looks at how our infrastructures are holding up against increasing temperatures and intense rainfalls. In “Green Roofs” and “Karen and the River,” they tell the stories of the individuals and organizations that are working to find solutions and new ways of adapting our lives to live with these changes.
In early 2021, TURNAROUND FILMS began creating quality films about “Who is doing what about climate change” and make them available, at little or no cost, to educators, advocacy organizations and legislators. The episodes may be downloaded and used in presentations, in classrooms, in town meetings, or embedded in websites and social media. They are currently working to tackle other climate change issues in the areas of energy, education, environmental justice, sea-level rise, and more.
Volunteer efforts are key to maintaining a clean and vibrant city. “Everyone can contribute to protecting the Malden River with proper curbside recycling and trash removal,” said Karen Buck. “Clean sidewalks, curbs, and street storm drains are critical for public health and our environment.” Residents are also encouraged to refrain from using inorganic pesticides and herbicides, as these chemicals pollute the waterways. For more information regarding waterfront activities and cleanups, or to join the Friends of the Malden River in protecting the Malden River and with the creation of the waterfront park, please contact Karen Buck at

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